Best Home Security Cameras for 2018

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Security Cameras Systems is really important for your house One of Security Cameras Systems - Nest Security Camera. Security Cameras evolves a lot through out the years and it is now equipped with best features in security and is user friendly too! We are going to find out which is The Best Indoor Security Cameras Systems in 2018 for your home in the market. What’s more interesting, there is no need to depend on professionals to install the Home Security Cameras anymore! It cannot be that easy, right? You might be asking. And how about the price? Is it still expensive like those years? This guide will help to compare and list down few home security cameras that is hot in 2018.

Best Security Cameras Systems 2018

Before starting, there are few things that you need to keep in mind. Depending on the features, Security Cameras can be at a high level such as Nest Security Cameras and besides Nest, there are others which you might find having lesser features but with more affordable price.

YI 1080p
Wireless Home
Nest Cam
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Video Resolution1080p HD1080p HD1080p HD
View Angle130°112°60°
Digital Zoom8x4x4x
Night Vision15 feet10 feet20 feet
Mobile ready softwareYesYesYes
StorageCloudCloud / LocalLocal
Cloud RecordingYesYesNo
PowerAC PowerAC / Power BankAC Power


How is the View?

So when we talk about 1080p cameras, how does one camera differs from the others? That’s where Optical Zoom plays the role. With Optical Zoom, we are able to zoom the object digitally and with a higher megapixel cameras, the object will become more clearer.

Most IP cameras nowadays comes standard with 2MP resolution. One camera stands out from the others in term of resolution which is Nest Security Camera which comes with 3MP resolution.

View Angle

Wide area needs wider camera view. Imagine taking a photo with your hand phone using normal view and panorama, that’s the difference when it come to wider view on security cameras (checkout view angle in the above table – higher view angle translate to wider view)

How the application help on the view?

Since most of the security cameras are having a ready to use application that can be easily installed on our mobile phone, it makes it easier to take a look at our home camera even though we are not at home. The only requirement is the camera need to be always connected to the internet.

The application allow us to zoom, to speak via the camera and to move the view by panning / tilting the camera (this feature is only available to Dome camera such as Yi Dome Camera and Wansview Q3S) making your view to reach  350 degrees diagonally.

Night Vision

Don’t worry, most of the cameras can view in the dark nowadays, the only difference between brand / model is how far it can view in the dark.


Most of home security cameras nowadays are equipped with wifi. Having a wireless connection on home security cameras really solve a lot of problems that we were facing before.
When using wired connection, it is exposed to a lot of risk such as cable being bitten by animals (That’s true! It happens a lot!) and the hassle to set-up the camera due to laying down the cable (we usually need to call contractors to do this and this incur some cost to it)

Where does the feeds being stored?

Modern wifi security cameras for home have several options to store (depending on model of course):

Cloud only

Cloud and memory card

Memory card only

Cloud only

We don’t have to think about what happened when the storage is full if the storage is cloud only. There are few options ranging from 5 days up to 30 days of feeds! The only catch here is cloud only storage usually require us to pay for monthly / yearly subscription and the price will depends on how many days in can store the feeds. So, if you want a self managed storage, cloud only storage is the way to go!

Cloud and memory card

This is a safer way to go as it give options on where we want to store our videos or screen capture from the Security Cameras. We might want to subscribe the minimum subscription that we can get knowing that we still have another backup on the memory card. I would say each options compliment each other.

Memory card only

Usually for security camera that is having memory card only storage, the storage can support up to 128GB of memory card. What does 128Gb of storage means? With resolution up to 1080p, generally it can store up to 4 days of video feed. This will also depends on how good the Security Camera technology can compress the video feed to optimize the storage usage.

Indoor Home Security Cameras featured

We go into detail below to explain more on each of the cameras while highlighting the Pros and cons to help you decide on which Indoor Home Security Cameras Systems would fit well with your requirements.

Nest Security Camera

Nest security Nest Camcamera is well known in the Security Camera arena.

High resolution on the video and photo makes it a reliable camera to record all the activities in your house.

The sleek and slim design makes it easy to store and hide to prevent any attempt to damage the camera. Even though it’s discovered and being damaged, it will still have a copy of the footage as it’s continuously upload your video to the cloud.

The cloud service is not free though, you need to subscribe to it’s cloud service (Nest Aware).


Nest Aware Subscription Comparison

Video History5 days10 days30 days
Pay monthly$5$10$30
Pay yearly$50 (save $10)$100 (save $20)$300 (save $60)



  • Cover wide area with Wide view of 130 degree
  • Design is very nice and slim
  • Amazon Certified: Works with Alexa (control using voice with Alexa)
  • Smart Home feature : Able to work with other Nest Product as Thermostat
  • Great video quality during both day-time and night-time



  • Rely heavily on internet connection as Nest Cam Indoor storage is only on the cloud
  • Does not support local video streaming

Yi Dome Camera

I believe Yi Dome Camera stands out the most when we talk about the storage. With storage on memory card up to 32GB (80 hours long video) and also on the cloud, Yi Dome Camera offer the most reliable storage comparing with other cameras.

Yi 1080 Dome CameraNot only that, you can also install Yi Home App on PC and this can be used to get a real time view and also to store the feeds from the camera.

The view (112° wide angle) is wide enough although it falls behind a bit from Nest Security Camera (130° wide angle) but I believe it is still acceptable.



  • • Easy Setup / Easy-to-use
  • • Local Storage Option
  • • Can also store video on PC
  • • Accurate Motion Tracking
  • • Camera can pan / tilt to 360 degrees



  • • Cloud Storage Costs
  • • Only 15fps video capture

Wansview Wireless Home Camera

Although Wansview doesn’t offer any cloud storage, the Micro SD card that it can support is up to 128GB which surprisingly only 4 days for 1080p resolution. wansview Q3S CameraStill not bad.

The software that can be installed on mobile phone and PC can remote control the camera, format the SD card that we insert into the camera and few other administrative task. The software on the PC can also store the video in the PC making it a great alternative for storage.

As this model is a dome model, it can also pan and tilt (350 degress horizontal).

Night vision can capture object up to 20 feet! So, it gives us a fantastic night view experience even in pitch dark room.



  • Great night vision up to 20 feet
  • Huge supported memory card (128GB)
  • Software can also be installed on PC for local recording



  • No option for Cloud storage

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