Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro : An HONEST Review


If you are looking for a cool fitness tracker, then you need to be considering Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro [SM-R365NZRNXAR]. As a fitness tracker, it can track most of your activities such as running, walking, playing tennis, swimming and much more! And the best part is it doesn’t even need your smartphone to operate. But in case you want a bigger view of your activities report, it can always connect to Android or iPhones.  Let’s take a deeper look  at how Gear Fit2 Pro can be your best buddy in fitness!

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What’s up guys! Qaz here from Your #1 source to find out about latest technology. After much demand, I finally decided to do a review on the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and see what is all the hype about. I’m hearing a lot of good feedbacks on this Fitness Tracker and I come in with high expectation.

We’ll start by talking about the features.


Standalone GPS  to track your run

One of the must have feature for Running Watch is the GPS tracker. Without this, the running watch  will only be a step tracker. GPS tracker is useful but it also have a caveat that you need to be aware of. It is a power hungry feature! So, how Samsung improve on this feature? By not activating it all the time of course. On the Gear Fit2 Pro, you can activate the GPS on 3 scenario:

  1. Manually by going to the settings.
  2. By keeping track of your running and walking activities
  3. Will also be activated automatically once it detects that you are walking or running more than 10 minutes

After your activity completes, it will turn off the GPS for you. This way, you don’t  have to manually turn on and off the GPS when you need it.

Is Gear Fit2 Pro Water resistant?

[I didn’t create this video. Credit to Samsung for the awesome video!]



Another cool feature that Samsung introduce in Gear Fit 2 Pro is swimming tracker. This smart band or mini smart watch can go down to 50 meters / 164 feet under water.

Samsung even listed down swimming as one of the activity that you can select which is not too common among standard fitness tracker


GearFit2Pro-Speedo1 You can either launch the application that Samsung provided or the Speedo application to keep track of your swimming but personally, in term of interface, I will choose Samsung application to track my swimming as the interface looks better to me.


This is what Speedo Application looks like. Samsung is working closely together with Speedo to make sure their customers having the best swimming tracker that they can get. If you are still wondering whether Speedo is the same brand that you are familiar when talking about swimming gear, then you are right!

I know you must be excited by now but before going all out with the Gear Fit2 Pro, let’s go through some tips from Samsung to make sure it can serve you for a long time:

  • To avoid electric shock and damage to your Gear Fit2 Pro, do not charge while it is wet or in an area where it could get wet. Do not handle the Gear Fit2 Pro, charger or cords with wet hands while charging.
  • After use in sea water, rinse in fresh water and dry it.
  • If dropped or receives an impact, the water resistant features of the Gear Fit2 Pro may be damaged.
  • Avoid excessive, sudden temperature changes and high velocity activities. Falls and shocks may breach integrity.
  • The Gear Fit2 Pro is not intended for scuba diving.

  Sleep Tracker?


Sleep is always important for our health. We often hear about active people who died most probably due to lack of sleep. With Gear Fit2 Pro, now you can easily keep track of your sleep. It can also track your heart beat during your sleep!


Challenge Your Friends for Steps!


Working out with friends is always fun! This kind of motivation and a healthy competition is always good for you and them.

The best smart fitness tracker to keep you motivated

Do you agree if I say that the hardest thing about fitness activity is not to start the routine but is actually to maintain the motivation? If you agree than this feature

will help you! GearFit2Pro-ChallangeOthersThe Gear Fit2 Pro will prompt you to be active once it detects that you are not stretching your hand or even when you are busy typing at your keyboard for almost 1 hour. (We always do this right?)

Other than that it also compare your current performance with last week performance to tell you whether you have improved or need to be more active.




Gear Fit2 Pro Style

Strap or Band

Personally, I think standard band on the Gear Fit2 Pro looks awesome compared to the previous model Gear Fit 2. But just in case you are bored with the standard band, you can always replace it with another band.

These are just some example of custom strap that you can buy to replace the original strap

Click on the image to get the best extra band for the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro


Watch Face

What I like about Gear Fit2 Pro comparing with other sport band is the ability to change the watch face. There are 15 watch faces available out of the box ready when you buy this smart band. Just change it according to your mood or occasion as we might need different information at different time of the day. And if you want can always download it from the Samsung Gear Application.


Gear Fit 2 Pro is equipped with 4GB storage which is quite large for a sport band. Do you have favorite tracks that you would like to listen when doing your workout? With Gear Fit2 Pro, you can store them and play it during your workout. What’s the catch? Gear Fit2 Pro, being a small device that is suppose to be on the same class with other Sport Band, is not equipped with speaker. But how do we play the music that we stored just now? By connecting the Gear Fit2 Pro with Bluetooth device such as Sport Bluetooth Earphone of course.

There are so many choices of Bluetooth Earphone nowadays. I list down some of them here to give you ideas on those Bluetooth Earphones

Jabra Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Samsung Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphone

Senso Bluetooth Headphone



Some may think that swimming is not a feature that you need, the spec and looks of Gear Fit 2 Pro is almost the same as older model Gear Fit 2 and you don’t really mind about the details. Thus you go for older model Gear Fit 2.  But since the price difference is only around $10, I don’t think it is worth it to go for the older Gear Fit 2.


In case you are interested in Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, you can order the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro HERE :

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band (Small), Diamond Red, SM-R365NZRNXAR

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band (Small), Liquid Black, SM-R365NZKNXAR

Tips: For ladies, you might want to get Gear Fit2 Pro with Small size band as the other size that Samsung is offering is Large which I think will not fit your wrist nicely

And in case you are interested in Gear Fit 2, you can order it here:

Another Smart Watch that is also having the same function with a bigger screen is Gear S3 which some say a bit large for their wrist. For me, it fit nicely on my wrist. I have an updated screen shot of Gear S3 as it got the latest update on Nov 2017.


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