Gear S3 Update Nov 2017

Gear S3 Frontier Red Band

Samsung Gear S3 have been in the market for 1 year already since it’s release date on 18th November 2016 for the US market.
How well does it do after 1 year? For us, it’s still one of the best smartwatch out there. There are not many smartwatch that can last for 3 days! Other than that, you can turn the GPS on independently and leave your phone at home and even with GPS turned on (which will drained the power), it can still last for 1 day.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Features in Summary

  • Standalone GPS, Bluetooth
  • IP68 waterproof up to 5 meter for 30 minutes
  • Smart design with 2 variants Classic / Frontier
  • Samsung Pay is now supported on Gear S3!
  • Sleep tracker
  • Tons of supported applications for Tizen OS
  • Even though you are not connected to Bluetooth, you can still receive notification provided Gear S3 is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your phone
  • Easy to change bands
  • Speaker to alert you on your running or progress or playing your music!

Screen Shots of latest Samsung Gear S3 Interface

Below are the screen shots for the latest Tizen 3 update. It has been improved a lot!


Samsung Pay Support
Gear S3 now support Samsung Pay. This feature have been launched in the middle of 2017 at some of the countries but another half of the countries in the world only get it by Q4 of 2017.

Good feedback that I found in Amazon


May 30, 2017

Offer Type: Classic|Offer Type: US|Verified Purchase
Not many people seem to wear watches these days – and it’s no wonder since for many it’s just as easy to glance at your cell phone as it is to peek at your watch. This is where the Gear S3 excels – it gives you a good reason to wear it on your wrist. This smart watch is feature packed and delivers lots of goodies. You get expected features like a large selection of watch faces, ability for receiving text messages & notifications, ability to answer/place calls, fitness tracker functions (pulse monitoring & step counting). There are some nice surprises also: It is water resistant, has an excellent battery life, and the Samsung pay feature lets you store your favorite credit/debit card information and pay by holding your watch up to almost any credit card reader – this always causing amazement in the checkout line. It even has its own built-in GPS. This watch uses Samsung’s unique smartwatch OS called Tizen instead of Android Wear. For me, performance has been rock steady and I’ve only needed to reset it a couple of times during the entire time I’ve used it. I have the Bluetooth model that makes calls through the paired smart phone, in my case the Galaxy 7 edge. The quality of the speaker phone is surprisingly good.


For more real user feedback on the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch, click at the link here
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